About WLC

Wine List Confidential is a unique, transparent and straightforward way to connect wine lovers with restaurants.

Using a numeric rating system, Wine List Confidential allows wine lovers to quickly compare the wine offer in restaurants whatever the food and format.

Employing a simple 100-point scale, Wine List Confidential scores restaurants on all aspects of their wine offering – from pricing and service, to the range, size and originality of the selection – which is then used to create an overall score for every restaurant reviewed.

Wine List Confidential is the brainchild of Anthony Hawser, publisher of the drinks business , which is the leading international drinks trade publication and the largest drinks trade website in the world.

The idea has been developed in partnership with Patrick Schmitt MW, who is editor-in-chief of the drinks business.

The site is now being managed by Lauren Eads, managing editor for the drinks business and editor of Wine List Confidential, along with Niall Penlington, Wine List Confidential’s production and marketing manager.

Wine List Confidential is initially focused on London’s leading restaurants and wine bars, but will expand to cover other major cities around the world.